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Brazil all the way... with someone you love!

From: Cecil Pinto
Date: Sat Jun 29, 2002 5:21 am

Brazil all the way... with someone you love!

Less than 24 hours left for the FIFA World Cup Soccer Finals.

Goa-World.Net has sent their roving reporter Cecil Pinto to get a
feel of the situation in Goa. Here is now near O'Coqueiro restaurant
in Porvorim stopping people and asking then for a soundbite.


Cecil: "Good evening folks, This is Cecil Pinto reporting almost-live
for Goa-World.Net. I'm standing here at the CHOGM Road junction and
trying to judge the mood of the people here. The World Cup Finals
that will be played in less than 24 hours from now. Here's two guys
on a motorbike approaching from the Defence Colony Road"

Cecil: "Hey guys! Stop! Goooood! Who do you think will win tomorrow?"

Tall Guy:"Brazil will win"

Short Guy: "Or Brazil could loose"

Cecil:"You mean Germany could win?"

Short Guy:"Are you deaf. I said Brazil could lose. Germany does'nt
It could be any other country. All that matters is Brazil! Win or
lose - Brazil! Only Brazil!"

Cecil:"Ok! Thanks guys. Looks like the mood is very pro-Brazil here
in Goa.
Here comes a middle aged gentleman on another motorbike. Definitely a
Brazil fan. Hullo! Please stop!"

Middle Aged Man: "Where you go?"

Cecil:"Hey! I ask the questions here. So you are obviously a big
Brazil fan huh?"

Middle Aged Man:"Brazil? What talking nonsense? If you going Mapusa I
charge return"

Cecil:"If you're not a Brazil fan then why have you painted your
motorbike yellow?"

Middle Aged Man:"What Brazil-faaazil? I motorcycle pilot. Why you
wasting time"

Cecil:"Oops! Wrong call! Like those referees! Ok, now here comes a
bearded man on his moped from the CHOGM Road. Hello! Please stop! Can
I have a comment"

Bearded Man: "I would like to make it clear that I have no commercial
connection with Souza Lobo Restaurant. In fact all I get from them is
a smile. I do not benefit in any way from publicising their Website.
I do not eat at Souza Lobo's. In fact I do not eat at all. I live on
love and fresh air. I do not charge for anything."

Cecil:"What are you talking about?"

Bearded Spectacled Man:"Are'nt you about to question my posting that
Souza Lobo URL on GoaNet?"

Cecil:"Not at all. I wanted your opinion on the World Cup Finals
tomorrow. Where will you be watching the finals?"

Bearded Spectacled Man:"Oh that! I will probably check out the scores
on and then Sandesh Prabhusesai is sure to have an
instant report out on"

Cecil:"Can't you just watch the game at home on TV like everyone

Bearded Spectacled Man:"Oh yes! I did'nt think of that. Bye then.
Have to rush to Panjim to submit my 10 questions Interview for
tomorrow's paper"

Cecil:"Here comes an elderly gentleman taking his evening stroll with
a walking stick. Good evening Sir!"

Elderly Gentleman:"Good evening, young man"

Cecil:"Sir, any comments on why all Goans want Brazil to win?"

Elderly Gentleman:"You see Goa and Brazil have a lot in common. We
both had European colonisers, we both speak similar languages, we
both love football. We have a restaurant in Panjim named Rio's, they
have Rio de Jan....."

Cecil:"Forget it. Aha! Here's a good looking sexy young woman,
probably waiting for a bus. Hello Maam. How are you?"

Good Looking Young Woman:"I'm fine thank you"

Cecil:"And where are you going?"

Good Looking Young Woman:"To Sangolda."

Cecil:"What a coincidence. I'm going that way myself. Want a lift on
my Yamaha motorbike?"

Good Looking Young Woman:"No actually I'm waiting for my boyfriend
who will come come any moment in his Tata Sierra. And he does'nt like
me talking to strange men. So if you're going to ask me about the
World Cup Finals then you better hurry up."

Cecil:"Oh yes that! Almost forgot. So where will you be watching the
World Cup Finals?"

Good Looking Young Woman:"In a nice warm cozy room with somene I love"

Cecil:"This boyfriend I presume"

Good Looking Young Woman:"No way! He's just temporary.With my dog of

Cecil:"Uh! Uh! I see a Tata Seirra approaching. Better get going....
Aha! Here's a group of hotblooded Goan men approaching in an open
Jeep. Hi guys!. Where will you be watching the World Cup Finals? "

Hot Blooded Driver:"At Colin Curry's restaurant Under The Bridge of
Greatest place in town. And they're offering free snacks and one
drink free for every drink ordered and ...."

Cecil:"And after that, what will you do?"

Hot Blooded Driver:"Well if Brazil wins then we will celebrate by
getting totally drunk!"

Cecil:"And just suppose Brazil loses?"

Hot Blooded Driver:"Then we will be totally depressed and so we will
drown our sorrow by getting totally drunk"

Cecil:"So either way you plan to get totally drunk?"

Everyone in the Jeep:"Yeeeeeeeah!"

Cecil:"Well folks! It's going to be one hell of a weekend. Bye from
me and the Team... and remember to watch the World Cup
Finals tomorrow with someone you love!"

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