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On ALDONA's past -

St. Jude's Commercial Institute, Aldona

St. Jude's Commercial Institute - Aldona was one of
the first institute of it's type. It was also the
first (and for a long time the only) institute to
offer training in Devnagri typing.

Founded and run till date by Mr. A. D. Souza.

Angelo as he is popularly know is visually impaired
but has overcome this handicap and made great
innovations in commercial training. His efforts have
been recognised by an award bestowed by the President
of India.

Contributed by Cecil S. Pinto, Aldona.
Expressions - The Flower Shop

S.S.C.E. TYPIST GROUP 1968-1969

Attached picture shows:
Maureen C., Edith Lo. Cynthia C., Margarida P.,
Claudina F., rev. Dr. B.J.C. Pinto (Exam Suptd.) Mr.
A. De Souza B.A., T.D., F.I.C.A.(Principal),
Shashikala F., Josephina F., Rita P., Linda De S.,

Standing (1st Row):
George Lo., Yeshvant P., Santana L., Philipa De S.,
Ivy De S., Flory C., Bernadette F., Brenda M., Sybil
De S., Lallen F. Prescilla., Gabriel Lo.,
Thomas W., Alex C.,

Standing (2nd Row):
Nageshkar N., Lucas R., Devidas N., Prakash P.,
Ganesham R., Prabhakar M., Suhash T., Delip P.,
Damodar P., Nanesshwar C., Patrick De., Francis F.,
Evaristo F.

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