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Poll violence averted by Reporter

From: "Cecil Pinto"
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 14:27:59 +0530

Poll violence averted by Reporter

"Cecil Pinto reporting almost-live from Aldona, Goa,
for The poll situation here is pretty
peaceful. The Aldona constituency has seen a
relatively large voter turn out. The main contenders
here are Dayanand Narvekar (Congress), Ulhas Asnodkar
(BJP) and Jose Fernandes (NCP). I'm standing here in
front of the local 'shala' on the Terecena in front of
the Aldona Institute. Voters are strangely silent and
do not even greet each other as they normally would.

Cecil: "Hello Joaquim! Want to comment to our


Cecil: "Ok! Forget politics. What do you feel about
this exteme summer heat. It should rain anyday now.
What say?"

Joaquim:" No comment!"

Cecil:"Hey! Hold on! Why are you trying to rush off ?"

Joaquim: "No comment!"

Cecil: "I'm not asking you who you voted for. Just
about the weather?"

Joaquim: "No comment. Bye!"

Cecil:"Just can't understand this. Happens every
election day. I know the ballot is secret but why
can't people just talk to each other in a civilised
way, as they normally would. Why all the hush, hush
and the diverted looks?"

Digamber: "No stop! Call the cops!"

Cecil: "There appears to a slight skirmish going. I
better check on what is happening!"

Digamber: "You better report this live. See these guys
almost came to blows with that elderly couple"

Constable: "Hullo! Hullo! What's happening here. Why
the crowding. Kindly disperse!"

Aunty Lily (in Konkani) :"First you arrest these two
Franky and Paclo"

Constable: "Why? What did they do?"

Aunty Lily: "They called me a ROSTAD and my husband a

Constable: "Hey! You two! What do you mean insulting
these elderly people?"

Franky: "You ask that Aunty Lily why she was making
obscene gestures at us first! How much money has been
given to her?"

Aunty Lily: " Obscene gestures? What obscene

Franky: "All we did was ask her whether she voted. She
raised her hand and give us the UP YOURS signal with
her back of her hand and her middle finger pointing up
in the air?"

Cecil: "There she's doing it again!"

Constable: "Aunty will you stop provoking these young
boys. I will have to arrest you"

Aunty Lily: "What provoke? What obscene gesture baba?
I'm just showing them the BLACK INK that has been put
on my fingernail, since they asked me whether I

Constable: "Oh!"

Frankie: 'Oh!"

Cecil: "Looks like it's going to be a long day!"

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