Sunday, March 23, 2008

Voluntary Retirement from Service (VRS) helps spread SARS rumours

From: "Cecil Pinto"

Ring Ring

" Hallo! Hallo! Who is speaking? "

" Is this the Goa Medical College? I'm Mark White from
the BBC. Reports have come in that another SARS
patient has been admitted at the hospital.
Is this true? "

" Saaar's patients being admitted all the while. "

" Whaaaat?!! This is ground breaking news! "

" Yes! I am telling you. Saaar is always phoning up
and we are admitting his patients. Saaar has to deal
with all the politicans. So when they want their
relatives admitted at GMC they call up saaar. "

" Could you please get me in touch with the
Administrative Chief at the hospital. "

" Saar is gone to his village for private practice. He
phoning me when VIP patient to be admitted. "

" Let me get this right. Are you saying that SARS has
spread to the villages in Goa too? We are talking
about the SARS virus I presume "

" Yes mister. Saar's VRS report is here in front of
me. In fact I will soon be applying for VRS myself "

" Applying for virus? You mean applying a balm of some
sort? You have already developed an antidote for SARS

" I don't know what you saying. Saar's VRS report is
here on the desk but he telling me not tell anybody.
Or he will send me back to native place. "

" Listen here I represent the International Press. I
demand to know what is in that report. What is your
name and designation. "

" Swamy Ranganthan saar. I am peon in GMC office saar."

Apr 21, 2003

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