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When The Navhind Times was just One Year

From: Cecil Pinto
Date: Mon Feb 17, 2003 12:08 pm
Subject: When The Navhind Times was just One Year
old...39 years ago

Tomorrow, 18th February 2003, The Navhind Times
completes 40 years of existence.

Some months back when researching a newspaper related
matter at Central Library, here in Panjim, I came
across this article below on the sole remaining
crumbling copy of The Navhind Times (dated 18th
February 1964).
The Navhind Times was celebrating it's very First
Birthday 39 years back.

This was the time when:
Guns of Navarone had just been released in Cine
National, Panjim
The Profumo Scandal regarding Christine Keller had
just surfaced
Moraji Desai was the Finance Minister
Burshane Gas was still available here
Phone numbers had just three digits
The Navhind Times cost 7 Nay Paise, consisted of 4
pages, and a postal
subscription anywhere
in India would cost you just Rs. 27/- for a year.
Dr. Rajendra Prasad had just died
Dr Antonio Colaco had given a fiery speech in
Parliament regarding 'Goa for Goans' and two
editorials and lots of column centimetres were
devoted to dissecting the meaning if this.
Seraphino Antao was the fastest man in the
T. V. Parvate and Lambert Mascarenhas were the editors
of Navhind Times

I copied down the article and have typed it out. Read
and enjoy the language of the those times. The Navhind

== from The Navhind Times dated 18th Feb. 1964 ==

.... and NT is born

An English daily newspaper published in Goa ? Who will
read it? And how can it compete with the mighty
national papers coming from B'bay and elsewhere ? The
venture is bound to flop, and flop miserably.

So said many of our friends with sincere concern and
solicitude. They looked at us with pity reserved for
those sick persons who are not told that their life
hangs on a thread. What our enemies said, thank God,
did not come to our ears. But the proprietors of
Navhind Times who believe that fortune favours the
brave, could not be discouraged by imaginary fears.
They had made a decision and leaving aside all their
their other manifold activities, directed their energy
towards the fulfilment of this, their new venture.
Paving the Goss flat-bed rotary printing machine, the
first of its kind having been erected in the newly
renovated two-storied building of Rua Ismael Gracias,
types and other printing material secured, the
editorial, managerial, and press staff having arrived
and spoiling for action, everything was set for the
take-off. Rua Ismael Gracias hummed with unusual
activity. Here the 24 hour day had no night, with
which sleep and rest is associated.

The day fixed for the paper to be on sale was February
18, 1963. But every newspaper had a trial period,
which is no playing time. In our case this period ban
on January 28 when the first muhurt copy came out of
the machine.

Tense Atmosphere
One the previous day, dozens of Compositors and Proof
readers had struggled with cruel copies and proofs.
The air was full with expectation and buoyancy. The
Editors hoped and prayed that the P.T.I. machine would
tick without a break down. The Manager worried about
the power connections to switch the giant machine on.
Through the night they all slogged, the Editors, the
Sub-Editors, Proof-readers, Compositors, Machine-men.

January 28 dawned.The giant rotary machine started
moving. The thud of the machine sent everyone into
ruptures. The long winding newsprint gradually moved
across the surface of the types and out came the first
copy of the first issue of the Navhind Times. The
publisher's dream had taken a concrete shape. Proudly
they held out the first copy which came out of the
machine and their eyes were lit with a smile of
legitimate pride. The Editor's chest swelled up with
elation. The Manager thanked the band of workers for
their un-stinted co-operation. Everyone was jubilant.

The trial period
This trial days are a period for adjournment. The many
handicaps have to be surmounted to ensure not only
quality and standard, but also regularity. Once the
paper starts publication it admits of no stoppage
owing to breakdown. The mofossil correspondents have
also to be briefed as to the angle of their reporting.
Selling agents also reminded that they must make the
paper available to the readers as early as possible.

The debut
Once we were established that we could make a
satisfactory debut we decided to launch out on
February 18, a year ago, from then on to this date it
has been a continous story of thrilling experience not
unmixed with tensed situation, both to Editors, the
managers and the press supt. With a compliment of
little over a hundred dutiful and dedicated workers
Navhind Times today serves not only Goa, but many
surrounding areas like Karwar, Hubli, Dharwar,
Ratnagiri District, Belgaum, Poona and B'bay. It
has developed a vast clientele and friendly
readership. Its readers and critics alike have
bestowed unqualified love and affection on it. Its
advertisers has been very considerate in patronising
its columns. Its subscribers have been patient with
their irregularity of deliveries through the post.

To all of them and many more the Navhind Times owes
its present and its future.

==== end of article ====
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