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CMs of Goa - chronology and comment

CMs of Goa - chronology and comment
- by Cecil Pinto


Historian Prajal Sakhardande, in his column "Pages from the Past" in today's Navhind Times, has an interesting chronology of the Chief Ministers of Goa. I have made a synopsis of his column in a tabular format below and added some comments of my own. I'm not much of a political analyst but I hope some Cyber Goans will be able to shed more light on these illustrious people who have sat on the 'kodel', and perhaps answer my questions about the events that surrounded some of the change-overs. Forgive my ignorance.

19/12/1961 Liberation.
What form of Government was existent till the results of the first election?
Military rule? How long did Major General Candith remain in power? When did Governor Tumkur Shivshankar take over?
20/12/1963 - 02/12/1966 Dayanand Bandodkar (Bhau - highly revered first CM)
Bandodkar never contested the first elections but became CM and later stood for elections.
Opinion Poll.
What form of Government was existent during this four month period? Was Bandodkar running a caretaker Government? Why did the Opinion Poll have to disrupt an elected party's tenure?
05/04/1967 - 23/03/1972 Dayanand Bandodkar
23/03/1972 - 12/08/1973 Dayanand Bandodkar
Dayanand Bandodkar expired. Is it true he had a heart attack while playing Table tennis at Panjim Gymkhana? I though he was a cricket enthusiast.
Does a new CM have to be sworn in immediately by law, or is this just convention?
12/08/1973 - 07/06/1977 Shashikala Kakodkar (Taee - only woman CM till date)
07/06/1977 - 27/04/1979 Shashikala Kakodkar
Why this 8 month gap? Is this the time Rane and some others broke away from the MGP? Did they join the Congress or form their own party?
Is it true Rane is of Rajput descent? When did the Ranes come to Goa?
What exactly is their claim to royalty?
16/01/1980 - 07/01/1985 Pratapsingh Raoji Rane (Rane - most often CM) 07/01/1985 - 30/05/1987 Pratapsingh Raoji Rane Statehood.
Did Rane have to be sworn in again because Goa became a State?
30/05/1987 - 09/01/1990 Pratapsingh Raoji Rane 09/01/1990 - 27/03/1990 Pratapsingh Raoji Rane What happened here? Is this where the "defection culture" started?
The short lived Progressive Democratic Front (PDF) Government was formed here or later?
27/03/1990 - 14/04/1990 Churchill Alemao (Churchill - dramatic Strongman of the South)
Is it true that kept his word and vacated the CM's chair, or was he forced to quit?

14/04/1990 - 14/12/1990 Luis Proto Barbosa (Barbose - Speaker turned CM)
President's Rule.
How did the PDF government fall?
25/01/1991 - 18/05/1993 Ravi Naik (Popular Champion of the Bhandari Samaj)
18/05/1993 - 02/04/1994 Wilfred D'Souza (Dotor Willy - Egoistic manipulator)
02/04/1994 - 08/04/1994 Ravi Naik
From what I hear, in these six days a record number of land conversions were authorised and crores of rupees changed hands - including Gubernatorial. Banu Prakash Singh was the Governor at the time. Public memory is short.
08/04/1994 - 16/12/1994 Wilfred D'Souza
16/12/1994 - 29/07/1998 Pratapsingh Raoji Rane
29/07/1998 - 23/11/1998 Wilfred D'Souza
Who ruled for these three days? Why the gap?
26/11/1998 - 08/02/1999 Luizinho Faleiro (Luizinh - Rags to riches through Unions and Politics)
President's Rule.
09/06/1999 - 24/11/1999 Luizinho Faleiro
24/11/1999 - 24/10/2000 Francisco Sardinha (Sardinha - Charismatic King Momo with panache)
24/10/2000 - 03/06/2002 Manohar Parrikar (Parrikar - "I am the State", RSS dictator)
03/06/2002 - 02/02/2005 Manohar Parrikar
02/02/2005 - present Pratapsingh Raoji Rane.

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