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Oscar Awards 2002 - Almost Live Report

From: Cecil Pinto

Cecil Pinto reporting almost-live from the Bay Area in
San Francisco, USA.

"I'm standing here in front of this massive mansion,
or bungalow as we would say in Goa. The sun has just
set and one can see the pik-pik-e lights, 'series' as
we call them in Goa, going on and off. I have been
by the Goa-World.Net team to report almost-live on the
Oscar Awards presentations to be held here tonight.
Approaching me is a tall white haired man in his mid
sixties. Must be here for the Lifetime Achievement
Award. They always give it to these old guys"

Cecil: " Hello there!"
Ariosto: "Hello."
Cecil: "How are you feeling"
Ariosto: 'Quite well, thank you"
Cecil:"Not quite the spectacle everyone was expecting.
What say?"
Ariosto: "Yes we had catered for around sixty people.
Only about fifty have arrived so far, but then it's
still early in the evening"

Cecil:"Quite a letdown from previous years."
Ariosto: 'Well in 1999 we did have a bigger party"
Cecil: "Could it be due to the September attacks.
People afraid to be made targets at these gatherings."
Ariosto: "Actually I did'nt give that a thought. You
thinks so?"
Cecil:"Sure, sure. Now exactly who are you then?"
Ariosto: "Ariosto Coelho"
Cecil: "And what are you doing here?"
Ariosto:"This is my house!"

Cecil:"Oh yes! Home of the Oscars!"
Ariosto:"What Oscars we are Coelhos"
Cecil:"Aha! Trying to be humble. So your house is
being used to host the pre-awards party"
Ariosto:"What awards?"

"I can see a young woman with distinct Sicilian
features approaching. Must be in her late twenties."

Viviana:"Aristo! What are you doing there talking to
strangers. The Champagne has to be brought out. The
candles lit. The party has started and you stand here
talking to this..."
Cecil:" Hello Miss. I'm from Goa-World. I've been told
to cover the party live"
Viviana:"Our party?"
Cecil:"Your party, our party, Goa-Su-Raj Party, call
it what you bloody want! Now tell me where's Tom

Viviana:"He lives somewhere down the road"
Cecil:"You mean he will not be coming for the party?"
Viviana: "I doubt it. We definitely did'nt invite him.
But he's most welcome"

Cecil:"Politics raises its ugly head again at the
Oscars. Tom Cruise has not been invited. Probably his
ex, Nicloe Kidman threw a spanner in the works. Now
that she's a mega success in her own right. With this
sort of politics our Amir Khan does'nt stand a
Viviana:"Ariosto, what is this demented man talking

Arisosto: "You tell me."
Cecil:"Let's get this clear. This is the pre-Oscar
Awards party isn't it?"
Ariosto: "Oscar awards indeed! This is our Wedding
Anniversary party. It also happens to be my lovely
wife's twentyninth birthday today too"
Cecil:"But I'm here to cover the Oscar Awards on the
23rd of March."
Ariosto:"My dear man. Today is the 22nd of March. And
the Oscars are at the other end of town tommorrow."

Cecil:"But my watch says 23rd."
Ariosto:"You did cross the date line did'nt you?"
Viviana:"Oh dear. How sad. Come join us anyway for OUR
Cecil:"Thanks. I will take up your offer. Must be be
the jet lag. I'm so thoroughly embarassed and upset.
You have some good Caju Feni I hope, Ariosto"

Ariosto: "I did pick up a bottle when I went down to
Goa in January."
Cecil:"Will do"
Ariosto:"What will do?"
Cecil:"One bottle should be more than enough for me
for an evening"
Ariosto(looking skywards) : "Good Lord. And that was
my stock for the entire year!"

Cecil Pinto takes great pleasure in wishing Ariosto
and Viviana a Happy Wedding Anniversary and also
wishing Viviana a Happy Birthday.

Sat Mar 23, 2002 12:57 pm

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